Greetings and Welcome to Us Poodle Love. We have been breeding top Poodle Puppies for the Over 38 years. We strive to produce the most-healthy and fun-loving Poodle pets. We are looking for responsible people to take one of our Poodle Puppies into their home so as to love them and spoil them with all their needs. We take upon ourselves on giving our Poodle Puppy owners as much support as they want or need in taking care of the puppy. We will not sell our Puppies without some background information and we ask that you do not buy them as a gift for someone else unless that person is verse with the breed. Sometimes, surprises are unwelcome and we want our puppies to be a welcomed addition in your home or any home they go. We are parents of 6 children and 9 grandchildren. We are dedicated to a continuous effort to obtain a more perfect Poodle quality puppies; meeting the breed standards, conformation, health, and temperament are our priorities. We hope that you can find your next companion/family member at our kennel. To be able to share the affection of such beautiful and smart little creatures is a blessing. 



Healthy Puppies

Poodle Puppies are generally long lived, with a normal lifespan of 13 to 15 years. Responsible breeders screen for health conditions such as PRA, autoimmune problems, Legg-Calve-Perthes disease and hypothyroidism.

Friendly, Curious, Spunky

The Poodle Puppy is an even-tempered house dog that thrives on attention. In fact, he demands it! This dog is ideal for a single-person household, as he may compete for your attention with other members of the family.

Nanny Shipping

We offer the best nanny shipping services for al our clients, don’t put puppies in crates, we have some one to bring your puppy right to your doorstep.

No breed has a more highly developed sense of humor than the Poodle. Good thing, too, because no breed has been the butt of more jokes. Humor aside, all the sniping is unfortunate. Many a family overlooks the smart, funny Poodle, thinking him prissy. Still, it is one of the more popular breeds in the world. Poodle lovers know the dogs for their intelligence, ease of training, low-shedding curly coat, and love of family.

A Poodle’s coat is both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing because the breed sheds less, so it may be more easily tolerated by some people with allergies. But the coat — or rather what some people do with it — is why many people cross the Poodle off their lists. The breed’s frou-frou reputation is based on show poodles, who are poofed, shaved, and hair-extensioned into an appearance that, though once based on practical considerations, is now just plain silly. Family pets can have a simple and easy-to-maintain look. And they don’t have to wear nail polish!

Poodles require grooming every 4 to 6 weeks. Some Poodle owners learn to use clippers and do the job themselves, but most rely on professionals. Either way, it’s essential to take care of the Poodle’s curly coat. Without regular clipping, it will become a matted mess that can cause painful skin infections at the roots.

The Poodle’s coat comes in many colors: apricot, black, blue, brown, café-au-lait, cream, gray, red, silver, silver beige, and white. Parti Poodles are two-tone. Phantom poodles have tan areas that are similar to the points on a Doberman Pinscher.

The group Versatility in Poodles was founded to take the focus away from the breed’s appearance and put it squarely on what’s under those curls. Today, Poodles with the right stuff can compete for American Kennel Club working certificates and are eligible to compete in hunt tests alongside Labradors, Goldens, and other Retrievers.

Most people won’t be competing with their Poodles, of course, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty for the bright and agile dog to do. These easy-to-train dogs can go anywhere and do anything. They’re generally good with other dogs, cats, and strangers, and are easy to housetrain.

Poodles can excel at performance activities such as agility and obedience. They are active dogs who thrive on attention and learning. Although Toy Poodles (less than 10 inches at the shoulder) are too small to roughhouse with children, there’s nothing the larger Poodles (Miniature, between 10 and 15 inches; Standard, more than 15 inches) like better than to chase a ball or run with kids. Standard Poodles especially need plenty of exercise to be happy, and can do a lot of damage if bored or lonely.