10 Poodle Care Tips Every Owner Should Know

Very few moments in life are more rewarding than bringing a new Poodle home to your family. Your dog will offer your family years of unconditional love, and in return, he expects you to provide him with food, shelter, responsible care, and love in return. From their unique coats to nutritional needs, it’s important to understand the poodle care basics that will help keep your dog happy and healthy.

1. Provide Your Poodle a Nutritious Diet

Proper care for Poodles begins with providing high-quality food available. Poodles are prone to obesity, so you’ll need to monitor your dog’s diet carefully and be sure to provide enough exercise each day. 

Some Poodle diet and nutrition tips include:

  • Feed your poodle high-quality dog foods (no table scraps)
  • Monitor their eating habits; Poodles can become obese very easily if they eat too much or don’t get enough exercise.
  • Make sure your dog have plenty of water at all times; Poodles need water to properly digest food, so provide water for your pet daily.

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To help prevent obesity, be sure your Poodle has enough room to run around and play. You also can take him for a walk or even let him run free in an enclosed area if you don’t feel comfortable having your dog off-leash. 

Be sure to walk your dog at least once every day as poodles are extremely active and require regular exercise. Avoid exercising your poodle on sweltering days and keep walks limited to after sunrise or right before sunset during the summer to prevent overheating.

2. Brushing Your Poodle Daily Keeps Any Shedding Under Control

A Poodle’s shedding cycle takes much longer than many dog breeds. Poodles shed their coats every three weeks, compared to other breeds that shed every few days. Curly hair often stays trapped in their coat’s appearing as though they don’t shed at all. 

Poodles have often been classified as low-shedding or non-shedding. The main difference between Poodles and other breeds is that Poodles need to be groomed to remove their shedding hair. Some of this dog’s shedding hair will naturally fall out, but on the bright side, poodle hair is unique in that it’s quite soft and can be easily removed from clothing or furniture.

Brush your Poodle daily to keep the shedding under control. Make sure you brush them before they go outside or come back inside, so you don’t spread all of their loose hairs around the house!

Additionally, Poodles are hypoallergenic dogs, so they are unlikely to make your allergies any worse. Always keep a lint roller nearby to help remove shed hair after walks and brushing sessions.

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